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We’ve got your traditional wedding events covered

In a country with an abundance of languages, cultures and tribes, South Africa boasts a beautiful and very colourful array of traditional wedding celebrations.

Traditional nuptials have been adapted over the years to fit both modern couples and the unique will of the unifying families. There’s no one way to do it, just the perfect way for you and your family. And we’re here to make it happen exactly how you want it.

There are usually two parts to consider: the lobola (as its most widely known) ceremony and the traditional wedding. For some couples, there’s a third event – a white wedding. Each custom has its own significance and sequence of rituals, and each culture, tribe, clan, and couple have their own way of doing them. Whatever you choose, these events can take place over a weekend, or be spread out over months or even years.

Here’s our traditional event equipment hire checklist to fit all occasions so you can start planning:

Extend spaces with marquees

With many traditional ceremonies and celebrations taking place at the family homes of the bride and groom, creating extra space is often essential. Marquees can be completely customised to the space they’re needed in and are the ideal solution to create bigger spaces to accommodate large numbers of extended family and friends. Simply choose the style to fit your vision.

Pro tip: The aluminium frame tent provides the most room to accommodate more formal proceedings. On the other hand, the peg and pole tent is a stylish and more relaxed way to extend existing structures, and provide cover from the harsh sun.

Catering considerations

As a rule of thumb, when planning for expected guests, whatever number you arrive at, round up. There is no such thing as a guest list or RSVP cut-off date for a traditional wedding event. Fortunately, true to the spirit ubuntu, there are many generous helping hands around to chop, boil, stir and serve.

Just like the outfits, the food is colourful and exciting. For a smooth catering set up, ensure there are multiple serving stations to help break up the queues and to take the stress out of the dining process. Make sure you hire serving tools such as hot trays, chafing dishes and some Bain-maries. Hire plenty of dinner plates and cutlery so everyone can enjoy their meal.

Tables and chairs

Depending on the set up, you may want to plan for formal seating for family elders, and open seating for your other guests. Alternatively, you can plan out a seating arrangement for everyone. Do what works best for your budget and the estimated number of people you’re expecting. We specialise in large volume rentals, and offer table cloths and chair covers, so we’ll have your needs covered.

It’s not a wedding without some dancing

Across cultures, South African traditional weddings are vibrant affairs filled with music, dancing and singing. Having a dance floor is an absolute must. Whether it’s a Zulu family dance off or a celebrating Tswana female clan, the dance floor can become an exciting focal point for your wedding. Just don’t expect the dancing to stay only on the dance floor.

Once the basics are booked, the décor, outfits and running of the celebrations can fall into place. Enjoy the planning process, it only happens once in your life, do it exactly how you want to do it. And when in doubt, just ask us, it’s not our first time!

MPR Hiring has over 48 years’ experience bringing events to life with expert, trusted marquee and event equipment hire. We’ll work with you to make sure your special life events are everything you want them to be.
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