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Raise funds right: tips for hosting charity events

A fundraising event is all about raising the dollar bills (or Rands). The more amazing and compelling the event experience, the deeper guests’ pockets tend to be. A well-executed charity event helps to instil confidence among donors that their contributions will be used properly by the cause or organisation they are supporting. Here’s our guide to getting charity events right:

Keep a tight budget

When you’re in the fundraising space, careful and transparent use of budget is absolutely essential. Spend too much, and you’ll be wasting money that should be channelled elsewhere. Spend too little, and your event won’t have the impact and results you’re hoping for.

Agree to a budget and stick to it very strictly by keeping a meticulous working budget. Where possible, always try save on costs without jeopardising the quality of the event – because the more you save means the more money is put back into the charity pot (which is the whole point). Try to work with suppliers who believe in your cause and who will be able to give you package deals.

Find the right sponsors

Find sponsorship opportunities for brands and companies to get involved and support your event with their products, services and monetary contributions. Fundraisers are all about people and companies coming together and sharing resources for the greater good. By involving reputable brands, you can instantly build credibility for your cause and event.

Get the guestlist right

Research who’s who and what causes are close to their hearts to make sure you have the right guest list. Consider inviting media, influencers and celebrities to boost the PR and social media opportunities for your event.

Make sure you have a branded banner wall for selfies and media photos to ensure every piece of coverage and every social media post drives awareness of your cause. The guest-list itself can prove to be a major drawcard for the event.

Tell a compelling story

Asking people to believe in and support your cause, means you need to be able to make them care as much as you do. How you tell the story of your cause is critical when it comes to convincing your guests and potential funders. Good storytelling comes down to the right combination of human connection and convincing data and real-life footage that makes the issue or cause tangible.


Show them something to believe in

Fundraising events are often held away from the site of the cause itself. For this reason, it’s important to set up audio-visual material throughout the event, not just during presentations. Set up multiple screens where guests can watch explainer videos and see photos of the work they will be supporting. Having flyers and take-home booklets is also important to make sure guests can get all the information they need – and share it with others.


For the main presentation at the event, make sure the screen is big enough and always do a test run to make sure the picture and sound is perfect before the event.


Take the podium

People believe in causes when they have confidence in the people driving them. Speeches from the right people are therefore key for successful fundraising events. Make sure you have a precise and strict running order – and stick to it.

Know who needs to speak when (and share the schedule with them). Have all speakers prepare their speeches in advance so you can make sure your event will hit all the right points. Speeches must be informative, concise and convincing.

Gala guidelines

The gala dinner is the most popular fundraiser format for a reason – it works. It’s easy to sell tickets at a premium when the experience is worth it. So, set the menu carefully with a minimum of three courses. If you can, try to make the food itself another drawcard for the event by partnering with a well-known chef to elevate the experience (and get guests to readily donate to book a seat).

Are you hosting a charity event in the near future? Work with the MPR Hiring team to make sure it all comes together perfectly. From presidential inaugurations to weddings and corporate functions, big or small, we have everything you need for any event. Get in touch for a custom quote and personalised service.