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Beat January blues with pocket-friendly event ideas

Did you know? There’s a day called The Most Depressing Day of the year? It’s the third Monday of January, and it has been christened as The Bluest Monday of the year. Why? Well once December (or Dezember as us South Africans affectionately know it) has ended and we try to enter into the ‘New Year New Me’ mentality, reality hits. And it hits hard.

Factors contributing to this day’s depressing state are our sad debt levels after enjoying the Festive Season a little too much, the inconceivable amount of time between now and the next long summer holiday (and between now and our last pay checks), we’re already pathetically failing our New Year’s Resolutions, and have general low motivation as the sun is still shining outside and our tans are fading inside the office.

So, what to do? Why not create something to look forward to in January with these pocket-friendly, fun event ideas to keep the Monday-of-months blues at bay. And we’ve got all the basics you need to make it a success:

Get outside

All you need to hire is a marquee. Invite your guests (friends, family, colleagues or your whole mailing list) to join you for a day outside. It could be at a park, rooftop, next to the beach or at home, a marquee can turn any space into an event space. Invite your guests to take part in unexpected fun activities that will make them smile.

Activities can include:

  • A silent disco. The best way to get rid of the January blues is by dancing them out of you. Stop just dragging your feet and rather shuffle, jump and boogie to a beat. All you need is Bluetooth headphones and a killer playlist.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt. Prepare a list of interesting things that your guests need to find or do like take a photo with a tree or greet someone you don’t know and tell them they look great. End off the hunt with some celebratory drinks and some relaxed chat.

Bring a Dish party

During December we eat, and eat and eat. When January rolls around (pun intended) there can be lonely leftovers in the fridge, freezer and cupboard. So, in the extended spirit of giving, why not have a Bring-a-Dish party?

All you need to hire are chafing dishes, serving plates, hot trays and a few tables with tablecloths and chairs to accommodate your guests. Taste each other’s cooking, cultures and creative culinary skills. Enter into the new year chipper and ready to take on the year ahead. Happy 2020!