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The perfect pair: choosing the right tables and chairs

Whilst lighting, flowers and décor help create the overall look and feel, don’t forget the importance of getting the basics right – like choosing the right tables and chairs. Not just a question of practicality, tables and chairs are a style choice too. Here are some tips on getting this combination right for your next event:

For a conference

The most common conference room layouts are auditorium style and the U-shape. Both work best with standard rectangular tables. The U-shape is ideal for facilitating interactive workshops and seminars as all attendees can see the presenter while also being able to easily take notes or complete tasks.

On the other hand, the auditorium style set up is better suited for high-impact, large scale presentations such as key note addresses. In this layout, depending on the type of event, you may still want to give guests at least a narrow table in front of them for note-taking, or forego tables altogether.

Conferences by their nature require guests to be seated for long periods of time, so the type of chairs you choose can have a major impact on their overall comfort levels. The Carlton Chair was designed for just this purpose.

Tip: The more comfortable your attendees are, the more likely they are to concentrate on the conference and not the clock.


For a gala dinner

Gala dinners are elegant, sophisticated events. Often associated with speeches, music and delicious 5-star cuisine, the gala dinner’s furniture choices can be as extravagant as the unpronounceable starter of the million-course meal.

The Banquet style layout is a favourite. It consists of multiple round tables asymmetrically placed around a dining hall. This layout promotes group conversation between both friends and strangers. The more dainty chair options are the recommended choice here – specifically the Vicky Clear and Tiffany chairs – which add to the overall elegance of the occasion.

Tip: Add a bar area with cocktail tables and bar stools at the back of the room for a mingling area in between meals, speeches and during visits to the bar.


Outdoor entertaining

Don’t overthink the furniture set up, keep it easy and laid back with Beer fest tables and benches. They work just as well out in the open as they do under a marquee. You can dress them up with table cloths and cushions, or go rustic and keep them bare.

For something a little more sophisticated, opt for cocktail tables and a mixture of standing and seated areas where guests can mingle. A few bar stools around each table will work a charm.

Tip: Add some umbrellas and mushroom heaters, depending on the weather.


Bringing it all together

When making your choice of tables and chairs, always keep your overall event look and feel in mind. By choosing plastic chairs and tables, you’ll need to consider whether you’ll want to also hire chair slips and table cloths to achieve the right look.

On the other hand, choosing chairs and tables with wooden finishes or other details could mean that you reduce the need for additional décor if the furniture matches the overall event aesthetic.

MPR Hiring offers a wide ranges of tables and chairs for hire for events of any size. Contact our team today to discuss your specific needs. We will make sure you get everything you need, exactly where you need it. Get in touch for a custom quote.