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Your spring event checklist

The nights are getting warmer. The mornings are lighter. There’s a buzz in the air of possibilities for sundowners and late nights. Spring is upon us and that means event season has also sprung. If you’re thinking of throwing the latest and greatest event, here’s the spring event checklist you need:

Pick the right marquee

The sun is out and the temperatures are rising, so it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy it. Marquees go hand in hand with outdoor events, especially the versatile peg and pole tents. A symbol of fun and extravagance, the peg and pole tent is the perfect setting for your spring event, offering the perfect balance of indoor comforts while still making the most of the outdoors.

Time of day

Spring is warm, but evenings can still be a little chilly. Ideally host your event from late morning until early evening to maximise the warmth of the spring sun and allow your guests to make the most of the great weather.

If you’re hosting a sporting event, start the proceedings after the sun is up. Fortunately, the spring sun will keep racers warm without the sweltering heat of summer (which usually means people want to be heading for cover by midday). During spring, you can keep the activities going until the sun starts to set (and later).

Keep the heat on
Thaw out the winter blues a little more by hiring heaters for your event – especially if it involves an early start or will continue into the night. Mushroom heaters will keep the inside of the tent warm and comfortable – making your guests want to stay longer.

Spring weather can still be a bit unpredictable so always plan for all eventualities. Place blankets around the venue for those who want to cosy up on couches, and to keep out any cold draft while guests are eating and enjoying the festivities

Colours and style

Out with the dark winter colours and in with spring’s pastels and natural pops of colour. The outdoor greenery of a garden setting is the perfect backdrop for subtle colours, like yellows and pinks, and simple, clean décor designs.

Take inspiration from our The Desert in Pink and Spring has Sprung concept designs, these colour palettes and styles are sure to brighten the day and moods of the guests.


Bring in spring with some light entertainment such as a live acoustic band, string quartet or DJ set if your event will have guests dancing the day or night away. It’s the perfect season for park events and all-day music festivals.


MPR Hiring has many decades’ experience in providing equipment hire for events of every kind. Chat to our team to help make your event vision a reality with professional, expert service every step of the way. Get a custom quote online right here for your next event.