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Why You Need To Hire An Aluminium Frame Marquee Tent In Joburg

The City of Gold is the beating heart of Africa. Home to the most valuable mile on the continent, it’s also a place where hiring an aluminium frame marquee tent isn’t just nice to have, and only if the budget can afford – IT’S A MUST!

We’ve decided to list the reasons why if you’re hosting an event in Egoli you need to hire an aluminium marquee.

Did you know that according to the New World Wealth report there are 16 600 US$ millionaires in Johannesburg? And of those, 870 hold more than US$10 million. South Africa is still the wealth hub of Africa.

What this means is when you’re setting up an event in Joburg you’re bound to be inviting a millionaire who needs to be impressed by your company.

Impressing is easy when you’re hosting an event in an aluminium marquee tent as it can allow for 360-degree views from the inside if you install glass walls.

It doesn’t matter what surface you place an aluminium tent on, it won’t be damaged, while still maintaining the structural integrity of the tent.

So, if you want to host an event on a sandstone mountain top, but were concerned that it would be flimsy due to the lack of anchor points, don’t worry.


Just follow the wise words of Pam Golding, “Location, location, location.”

Pick a spot and go with it! But make sure you have permission first <Link to other blog>.

Unlike peg and pole tents, there are no structure obstructions in the inside space. This means you have the flexibility to create a magical interior and can really create something truly impressive.

You can also sub-divide the space and create some experiential rooms for guests. So your VIP tent can actually have a VVIP area.

As every South African knows, Eskom’s plans never align with our own. With this in mind, planning a day-time event with an aluminium marquee tent means more light inside the venue and no need to worry about solar light alternatives.

After all, no one is impressed when they are left in the literal dark.

The weather on the highveld is more predictable compared to the Mother City (a city that can’t make up its mind!). This being said, we all know the evening thunderstorms are coming.

Recently, we’ve all experienced those intense cloud bursts, and they are becoming more commonplace nowadays. But that’s another discussion to be had.

While precipitation can ruin an event in a second, outside temperatures can also devastate an occasion. No one wants to attend a summer formal event without air-con, which works better in an aluminium tent. And the same can be said when the thermometer drops, where heaters can help!

At the end of the day, you need a marquee tent for any Johannesburg event. Drop us an email at and we can sort you out ASAP.