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Trend talk: the four things you’ll see at big events in 2019

The whirlwind that was 2018 has come and gone and we have a whole new 12 months of events before us. MPR takes a look at the biggest trends that will dominate the big and corporate event scene over the year to come:

  1. Tech for convenience

This may not be new in itself, but the scale at which it will be used will be more ubiquitous than ever before. Advanced technology will be increasingly the norm at event check-in and registration as event organisers move away from having guests fumbling with printed tickets and searching for them in emails on their phones (although we’ll still see a fair amount of that for a while!).

The biggest trend will be a shift toward facial recognition technology and the use of RFID tags – not just for entry to events, but to keep the experience running smoothly for attendees. That includes the pre-loading of credits for refreshments and varying degrees of access to different areas.


  1. Non-conventional venues

It’s human nature to crave new and interesting experiences. And in the world of conferencing, trade shows and festivals, fatigue from the sameness of bland, expected spaces is at an all-time high. No one gets excited about seeing a different PowerPoint presentation in the same old venue.

This means that reclaimed buildings such as refurbished warehouses and factories and other repurposed spaces are having a serious moment in the event world. And that includes spaces simply previously not used for certain types of events – night in the natural history museum anyone?


  1. Supporting local

Pulling off a successful event requires the input of many different expert suppliers. From décor and food, to infrastructure and tech, it literally takes a village to pull of big events successfully. Using local suppliers and truly embracing the best of the selected location is another major trend for the year.

Tapping into the knowledge and resources of local experts and communities can add a layer of authenticity usually lacking at the more typically sterile corporate events. Think local food trucks (offering an abundance of local flavours), entertainment, event design and immersive city experiences.


  1. Healthy, mindful and sustainable

One thing big corporate conferences and live events have in common is not being known for offering fresh, healthy food options. The move toward fresher, healthier refreshments, supports a wider trend whereby people are becoming increasingly aware of their food choices and demanding more diverse options – no matter where they are.

Similarly, the actual structure of corporate events will be taking more cognisance of the importance of well-being and mindfulness, even within the context of jam-packed schedule of a multi-day conference.

The amount of litter generated by large scale events is also something that will be under more scrutiny this year. Solutions that generate less waste per delegate or attendee will be big wins. This also extends to décor and the contents of gift packs. Say goodbye to once-off branded plastic bunting, and hello to living plants and greenery.

Got a big event to plan this year? Get ahead of the curve and chat to our events team to get a tailored quote and expert input and advice. With many decades’ experience doing events of all types and sizes, we have what you need to set up and pull off an incredible event. Let’s chat.