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Three top tips to create a magical women’s day celebration

Women’s day is celebrated in South Africa on the 9th of August. The day commemorates the march of 20 000 women in 1956  to the Union Buildings in Pretoria where they were petitioning against the country’s laws that if you are a person of colour you were required to carry paperwork, known as a pass, to control segregation during apartheid. We are proud to say that our beautiful country has come a long way since those days, so on the 9th of August we celebrate those brave women then and now in our society.

In honour of all women and the strength, courage, love, loyalty and dedication that all women show their families, their jobs and their country we wish to celebrate you all during the month of August. To celebrate we suggest throwing a party or function for everyone.

Here are a few tips on how you can create a wonderful Women’s Day function.


      1. Decide what meal to arrange your event around.


A breakfast is a wonderful meal to start the day and share together in a casual manner. Breakfast has a wide variety of food on offer including flaky croissants, fruit salad and yoghurt,  eggs and bacon or toast and preserves and much more. You can pair the variety of food with drinks such as champagne and orange juice, beautiful strong and aromatic coffee or freshly squeezed fruit juices.

As the quote states… “Nothing brings people together like good food”  – so hire a caterer who will produce a range of platters/ dishes  of decedent and tasty food that you can all share together.

If breakfast does not work for everyone’s  schedule then why not try a lunch? A Lunch menu includes tasty items like quiches and pies, salads loaded with toppings such as exotic cheeses, fresh fruit or crunchy seeds. Food served during lunch can also include cheese boards and sweet treats to end the event with food such as cupcakes, cakes and brownies with tea and coffee. Lunch drinks can include crisp wines, soft drinks and/or tea or coffee.


      1. Make your tables look beautiful.


Women are synonymous with beauty and grace. Make sure you put some effort into making the tables look beautiful to show all the guests (especially the ladies) that they are all worth it. The easiest way to arrange the decor is to pick a colour scheme for your party. Once you have chosen your colour you can go ahead organising decor items such as matching  napkins, table-cloths,  under plates and flowers.

Flowers are a wonderful way to create beautiful soft decor that is feminine and striking thus celebrating all the women at the event. Here are some examples of flowers that link in with different colour schemes. If you have chosen a pink colour scheme a great combination of flowers including pink roses, Proteas, pink Tulips, Carnations and Star Gazer Lillie’s to name a few.

If you have chosen purple as your colour scheme you can combine irises, purple roses and some structural agapanthus.

Yellow flowers include a large range of flowers such as daisies, gerberas, yellow roses, sunflowers and calla lillies.

If you wish to warm up the occasion with vibrant orange you can use gerberas, nasturtiums, lillies, tulips or orange roses and gladioluses.

Lastly if you love the colour red try arrange red roses, Proteas, tulips, gerberas and poppy’s together to create a striking effect .A useful tip when arranging flowers yourself is to add some white and green flowers to compliment the colours and bulk the arrangements up to appear large and striking.

At the end of your function you can give all the ladies at your event some of the flowers to take home thus doubling as decor and gifts.


      1. Add a small gift to each table setting


Everyone appreciates a gift with a little note. It is wonderful way to treat the ladies at your event and show them how much they are valued. Treat them with a small gift to show them how much they are appreciated and valued whether it is in the work space or in the family. Accompany these gifts with a small handwritten note thanking them for being there with you. These gifts do not need to be large or excessively extravagant – here are some ideas.

– A bar of chocolate
– A long stem rose
– A bottle of hand lotion or perfume
– A small bottle of champagne
– A lottery ticket

Women’s day should not only be celebrated on one day but rather every day. Respect, trust and empower those ladies around you on a daily basis. To all you incredible women we wish you a happy women’s day and women’s month.