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The in-tents guide to marquee types

Marquees offer versatile and flexible solutions to turn any outdoor space into the perfect venue. With more than 40 years’ experience in the business, MPR Hiring has a marquee solution for any space and any event.

Here’s a quick guide to how to select the right marquee for different locations and event types:

Surface considerations

The biggest factor influencing the choice of marquee is the surface area of the space you want the marquee erected on. Soft surfaces like grass and earth are better suited to the more traditional peg and pole marquees, which (as the name implies) requires pegs and poles to be sunk into the ground.

When you’re wanting to erect a marquee in an area where the ground should remain unaffected, aluminum frame tents are anchored using weight, and are best suited to hard surfaces such as tarred parking lots, tennis courts, pavements and streets.

Aesthetic preference

One of the biggest differences between the traditional peg and pole marquees and aluminum frame tents is the overall aesthetic. The traditional style offers the romanticism and whimsy typically associated with classic events like weddings and garden parties. On the other hand, clear span framed marquees offer clean, modern lines and allow for more space due to the fact that no poles are needed.


With both marquee options, you can select your preferred width and the length can be extended to meet your needs. That said, when working with awkward or oddly shaped areas, the aluminum clear span structures can be more easily adjusted for full coverage.

Make it your own

Once you’ve selected a marquee type, the fun really starts. Any marquee can be a blank canvas for your vision. From adding flooring to create the feel of a permanent structure (and to protect your guests’ shoes) to choosing furniture and lighting, the right equipment hire company can bring it all to life.

Need some help choosing the right marquee structure for an upcoming event? The MPR Hiring team will guide you through the process and can take care of all the details from the initial set up, to providing catering equipment, furniture and much more. Get in touch for a custom quote.