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Summertime eventing tips

Summer is here! And so is peak eventing season. The balmy South African summer days and nights lend themselves to the best of outdoor eventing. The key to pulling off a great outdoor event in the height of summer though, is always preparation. By preparing for soaring temperatures, you can make sure your guests stay cool and comfortable.

Plan ahead

When committing to an outdoor event, the biggest concern is always around an emergency plan for if it rains. But it’s actually just as important to consider a plan for extreme heat. When the temperature rises to over 34 degrees Celsius, things can get more than just a little uncomfortable.

Heat stroke and exhaustion are real concerns – for both guests and staff. But it’s still possible to pull off a spectacular event provided you’ve planned for the heat. So make sure you check the forecasts, and if there’s a chance it’s going to be sweltering, make sure you put the right plans in place.

In-tents preparation

Pardon the pun (we couldn’t help ourselves). There’s a common misperception that event tents and marquees are always get hot and stuffy during summer – especially in the heat of the day with lots of guests. But when you choose the right supplier, they’ll work with you to ensure your event is as comfortable as possible.

There are multiple ways to keep your event cool. No matter the tent type, we can set it up for maximum airflow, with open sides or even expertly fitted air conditioning units. Even just providing one smaller air conditioned space at your event can provide guests with some relief if need be. Fitted fans around the tent can also be a cost-effective solution.

Create hydration stations

Adding additional drinks and water stations to help guests beat the heat is always a good idea. Make sure there is lots of cold water available, and keep the ice coming. In fact, you may want to ensure your ice order is significantly increased as it will be melting faster in ice buckets. To keep it glam, consider offering freshly flavoured water with fruits and different garnishes.

Embrace it

If you can anticipate far enough in advance that things are going to be heating up, get creative with how you incorporate different ways to keep guests cool. Provide some hand-held umbrellas, water spray bottles and/or old-school hand fans at the entrance to the event for guests to use. Add some extra outdoor umbrellas and furniture to your plans and even consider a sprinkler or two if your event is a little more fun than fancy.

Switch things up

Your event may have been planned as an ultra-formal occasion, but if the mercury spikes, you’re going to have to loosen up the dress code. Let your guests know that they can dress down, remove their jackets – and even their shoes if there’s a pool for them to dip their feet into. It’s summer after all, so take it easy 😉


When youve been doing outdoor events for as long as we have at MPR Hiring, youre always prepared for any type of weather. If youre planning an outdoor event this summer, chat to our team about the best tent or marquee setup for your guests. Get in touch and well provide you with a quote tailored to your specific needs.