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Spring event inspiration

We can finally see (and feel) the sunlight at the end of the winter tunnel. Spring is the perfect time for outdoor events and celebrations bursting with colour and fun. We’ve rounded up some of the ideas we’re most excited about for the Spring 2018 event season:


Bold colours and bright tablescapes

Spring is the perfect time to embrace bold colour palettes and run with them. Make colour itself the theme of your event and don’t limit it to just spot colours and accents, go all out. Some of the top colours for the spring season are lavender, violet, sky blue, bright pink and green. You can also bring in colour and dimension through the use of patterns – if there were ever a season to mix and match, this is it – so have some fun.


Embrace natural elements

If you’re having an indoor event, make sure you bring elements of nature inside. And if your event is going to be outside already, make the most of it with a clear marquee for a greenhouse feel, or simply open the sides to let the outdoors in.

Toss traditional table runners and replace with flower runners filled with spring blossoms, berries and fruits. For something a little different, but still fresh and contemporary, consider using succulents for high-impact chic. Arrange flowers or succulents under glass cloches, or use tall vases filled with fresh lemons (or any in-season fruit of choice) to create simple, striking centrepieces that add a touch of spring.


Go fully floral

Flowers are the spring go-to for good reason. The sheer variety of blooms available makes it one of the most exciting times for floral design. So when planning the look and feel of your event, why limit flowers to table-tops and vases? Bring flowers into the food design by introducing elements such as edible flowers frozen in ice cubes, floral cake or cupcake toppers and an extra touch to cocktails. A floral chandelier or even a full floral ceiling can be the ultimate ode to the season while adding that extra wow-factor.


Keep it light

If your event is extending into the evening, introduce soft, whimsical lighting with white string lights and a mixture of hanging and standing lanterns of different shapes and sizes, completed with white pillar candles. Add mix-and-match glassware of different shapes, colours and sizes on the table tops, and your event will sparkle into the night.


Bite sized and refreshing

When it comes to the food, avoid anything too heavy. Try to stick to bite-sized snacks and tasters. Think of fruits and foods that will work outdoors without spoiling too quickly in the spring sunshine. Make lots of refreshments available – from jugs of ice-cold cocktails, to dispensers filled with fresh juices and water infused with fruit and fresh herbs. For a touch of fun, serve different flavoured popsicles (wine ones are guaranteed to be a hit).


Do you have an event coming up this spring? The event experts at MPR Hiring would love to work with you to bring your vision to life. We have all the venue and catering equipment you need to make it happen. Get a quote now or drop us an email with the details of your event and our team will get in touch.