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We share the trends you can expect to see in 2018 – bring your event up to date and on trend with these ideas

As time marches on year after year, seasons change and trends evolve. New things come into fashion and old ones pass us by. We share some trends that you will see this year in 2018. Bring these trends into your event through décor, food, dress style and stationery such as your invitations, which will introduce your guests to the trend you have chosen.


1. Pantone Colour of the year – Ultra Violet.

The deep purple shade of ultra – violet is this seasons colour of the year. Think the same colour as deep lavender or fresh figs. You will be seeing this colour all over from romantic weddings to corporate events and even in dinner parties. Chose this colour to stay on trend and wow your guests. You can bring this colour into your event through using deep purple flowers such as hydrangeas, agapanthus and irises. Another easy way of adding ultra violet to your event is through using table linen and placemats with this vibrant colour.

Some more ideas include having a feature wall or maybe asking your guests to dress with this colour scheme in mind. This colour can be quite overwhelming so add some touches of metallics such as gold/copper/ silver with some greenery to make this gorgeous purple colour pop!


2. Marble and Copper

Copper has been trendy for a while but when this colour is so beautiful we are happy that it continues to be fashionable and on trend. The combination of the warm metallic colour of copper combines perfectly with the cool neutral look of marble. Copper can be found all over and is available in cutlery sets, table décor pieces such as candle stick holders, frames, under plates and other decorative elements including (but not limited to) clocks, pots and trays.

Combine this colour with marble backgrounds to make the perfect combination. Serve your food on marble platters with copper cutlery or dish up your meal in copper pots (that cook food perfectly). You can also use this colour combination decoratively such as decorating the table with marble as placemats or adorn the couch or chairs with marble inspired cushion covers and copper candles or fairy lights.


3. Geometric Shapes

Gone are the days of soft shapes like circles and ovals being trendy. We welcome the new trend of edgy corners and dramatic shapes includes edgy corners and dramatic shapes such as triangles, squares and hexagons. Include these shapes with the colour trend of ultra violet or copper and marble. Do not overdo this trend as it is most effective in its simplistic form– all you need is to add a few pieces such as flower vases or candle holders along the table to gain the desired effect.

Some other ideas include geometric wall art, logos, mirrors and more. Have fun adding this element to your event.


4. Greenery Backdrops

This colour and décor trend is continuing from 2017 (originating from the Pantone colour of the year 2017 – Greenery). Did you know that the color green represents hope, youth, life and safety? This trend is all about combining natural green plants and earthy elements such as drift wood and marble (see more tips below). You can add this trend to your entire events décor or just to elements such as the bar station, the entrance or the outdoor area.

This trend brings the outdoors in and adds an element of calm and classic styling to your event and décor.


5. Maximilism inspiration.

Maximilism is the new trend for 2018. It is a counter reaction against the Nordic minimalism of 2017. Think “more is more”. In 2018 colour and pattern is coming back in a big way. We are not talking about clutter and overwhelming mess – rather it is the use of combining various textures with wallpaper, fabric coverings and cushions. Keep a focal point to ensure your room is centred.

The easiest way to bring this trend to life is with paint. Add some fun to the space with a layer of paint. If you do not want such a permanent change, change your upholstery. Let sofas, rugs and cushions be the statement of the space. Think floral, animal print, tropical or geometric shapes, or maybe all together – just make sure the colours compliment each other. Let your imagination run wild with this trend.

Have fun bringing the current trends to your next event. Please share your events with us and show us how you have brought the trends to life.