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Rain or shine – make sure your event is just fine

It’s the inevitable question that gets asked (often quite late) in the event planning process: “But what if it rains?” And as the seasons change, it’s a very valid concern. Luckily, a marquee can be incredibly versatile and adaptable, no matter the weather. Here are our tips for weather-proofing your event when hiring a marquee:


Set it up right

The first step to making sure weather changes aren’t a major concern on the day, is to ensure you use a professional marquee supplier, like MPR Hiring. We use only the highest quality materials and make sure our marquees can withstand unpredictable weather.

A common problem with marquees and rain can be a lack of drainage, leaks and water pooling at the sides or in parts of the roof structure – we make sure this doesn’t happen. When planning your event and discussing the options, make sure you ask your service provider about their contingency plans for bad weather.


Get on the floor

A quality marquee set-up can still only do so much in the face of a torrential downpour (yes Joburg, we’re looking at you). When planning an outdoor event (without having a full Plan B) it’s best not to cut any corners. Having a hard wood interlocking floor inside your marquee will add an extra layer between the ground and your tables (and guests’ feet) while helping to ensure adequate water drainage. An added bonus is that it gives the whole marquee a more permanent feel.


Keep it clean

When guests are going to be moving in and out of a marquee during an event, you want to make sure they’re not stepping straight out into muddy puddles of water. Make sure you provide covered walkways to key areas such as the toilets and parking areas. Also consider rubber mats or other types of ground cover to make sure the entry points to the marquee don’t become covered in mud as people walk in and out (plus, your guests will thank you for thinking of their shoes).


Thoughtful extras

Check the weather forecast and make sure your guests know what they’re in for so they can dress appropriately. That said, thoughtful touches such as small blankets on chairs, and umbrellas at the doorways can make a huge difference to the way your guests experience the day. If you know it’s going to be really hot, place fans (or even air-conditioning units) around the marquee or consider having the sides open for airflow. If it’s going to be cold, invest in a few space heaters and place them evenly around the marquee to create a comfortable atmosphere.


You can never be sure what type of weather youll have on the day of your event, but working with the right marquee provider can help ensure you have all bases covered (literally!). If you have an upcoming event, wed love to chat through the available options and help design the ideal venue set-up. Get in touch with us to get a quote or make an enquiry.