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OTT birthday ideas anyone can pull off

Over-the-top (or OTT) lavish birthday parties and celebrations are totally on trend and we’re here for it. The latest trend is creating your very own festival or market. Sound like a lot? All you need is a garden or open grassy area like a park, and the right equipment hire partner to pull it off:

Marquee tents

Every festival, from Coachella to Rocking the Daisies, has a range of tents, each with its own experience and world inside. Peg and pole stretch tents are a festival favourite for their relaxed, inviting feel.

Erect one or more peg and pole tent around the space, the main tent can be your dance floor, inviting your guests in to dance the day or night away, while the surrounding tents can have scatter cushions and couches to create a chill area. At MPR we can help customise the size and shape of a tent for any space and need.

Food stalls

Once the marquees are up, turn your focus to the food stalls. All markets and festivals have a wide range of food types available to their guests. Food stalls are relaxed, fun and everyone loves variety, from sushi to Mexican tacos, the only limit is your imagination (and budget).

Buffet style stalls also work well if you don’t want to hire multiple different vendors – all you need is the right catering equipment to serve and heat the food. If you’re going all out, get food stall names printed onto signs at your local print shop, and write your menu in chalk onto a blackboard. Add your own flare by naming each menu and stall after a phase of your life or stick to a party theme.

Beer garden tables

To complete the festival feel, beer garden tables and benches are the ideal solution. These tables are versatile as guests can move them next to each other and benches can hold more guests than a standard table and chair set up. Finish off the look with some umbrellas and scatter cushions.


Why not go big for your next celebration? These occasions only happen once in a while, so do something unforgettable. The MPR team has decades’ experience in providing event equipment hire for every type of gathering. Chat to us for a custom quote.