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The Ultimate In Outdoor Event Hosting With Our Exceptional Marquee Tents For Hire

A heritage of celebration

MPR Hiring is proud of our heritage. For more than five decades, we’ve celebrated tens of thousands of events with our clients. From birthdays to corporate functions, weddings, etc., people have relied on us to make their lives easier by providing seating, glassware, marquee tents for hire, and so much more.

Nothing better than a braai

As the weather warms up, it’s time to spend more time outside with friends. Whether a company event to celebrate heritage or a big braai day, we have all the catering equipment for hire you need to create the best memories.

A tent for any occasion

Experience the ultimate in outdoor event hosting with our exceptional marquee tents for hire. As spring and summer beckon, our marquee tents stand ready to transform your gatherings into memorable occasions. Crafted for durability, aesthetics, and effortless assembly, our tents provide the perfect venue for your seasonal events.

  • Discover the versatility of our frame tents, a true highlight among our offerings. Engineered with a robust metal frame, these tents adapt to any terrain, whether concrete, grass, or sand. Available in various sizes, these tents cater to events of all scales, ensuring a seamless fit for your gathering.
  • Our transparent PVC tents redefine event hosting for those seeking an immersive experience that brings the outdoors inside. These unique structures grant a panoramic view of the surroundings while maintaining the integrity of traditional white PVC fabric. By blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, these tents create an unforgettable ambience for your guests.
  • Embrace tradition with our peg and pole tents, a timeless choice that remains beloved for modern occasions. Fashioned from canvas or PVC, these tents are supported by classic poles driven into the earth. A preferred option for festivals and outdoor markets, peg and pole tents combine functionality with a touch of nostalgia.

Functional furniture

We offer wooden and aluminium tables, tablecloths, and table skirts. You can choose from different cocktail tables or our practical Beerfest tables and benches. Our seating is as versatile as the events we’ve supplied over the years and includes banqueting chairs, bar stools, stackable plastic chairs, etc.

Raise a toast

Never stress about getting enough glasses, cutlery, or plates for your guests. Our sparkling event glassware is available in various shapes and sizes, including champagne flutes and coup glasses, highball glasses, tumblers, beer glasses, shot glasses, and whiskey snifters.

In addition, you can add a touch of elegance with our crystal and glass dishes, serving plates, and dessert bowls.

Our comprehensive selection of stainless steel cutlery caters to a diverse range of dishes, from succulent meat preparations to delectable cakes. This high-quality cutlery complements the presentation of various cuisines that celebrate different heritages and elevates the overall dining experience. In addition to the essentials, we offer specialised items like cheese knives and butter lifters.

Specialised catering equipment for hire

Our range of affordable, high-quality catering equipment for hire ensures hot dishes remain steaming until they’re served.

Bain Maries keep your side dishes piping hot, while a carvery unit ensures easy serving of the succulent meat straight from a barrel braai. And if you’re planning a big celebration, we even have spit braais for hire.

Shade and trash sorted

Our electric stand-up fans can help circulate some cool air within your tents. However, if our marquee tents for hire aren’t suitable for your event, you can still ensure there’s plenty of shade for your guests with our Caribbean umbrellas and steel umbrella stands.

Keep everything tidy with our selection of rubbish solutions, including dustbins and refuse bins with wheels.

Ensure all your guests are happy with free-standing ashtrays for designated smoking areas.

That extra touch

If you want to receive your guests with flair, we have a red carpet. And if your event has that kind of vibe, you can also hire a dance floor.

Contact MPR Hiring for details

Celebrate spring and bring out the braais! Contact a representative from MPR Hiring today for more information about our marquee tents for hire and chat about the catering equipment for hire you might need.