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Long summer nights and warm temperatures allow for the perfect event, here is how we keep cool in summer

Summer is in full swing in the southern hemisphere. South Africa’s summer is one many tourists travel far and wide for, to experience the longer evenings, the warm temperatures, the bright green trees and blue oceans  as well as the multitude of fun and exciting events hosted all around the country. Summer allows for hosting friends and family in a more relaxed fashion to create wonderful memories  through inspired events.

As much as summer is a beautiful time of year, the heat can sometimes get a little over whelming to many people and can result in guests feeling a little agitated and lethargic due to the high temperatures. We have a few tips to help keep your guests cool and happy during your much anticipated summer event.

  1. Schedule your event around a cooler time of the day such as late afternoon into the early evening. By hosting your event at this time of the day you miss the sweltering heat of the midday sun but still enjoy the sunshine without the aggressive temperatures. The later afternoons that summer boasts allows for a longer event into the evening allowing your guests the pleasure of experiencing sunset as well as the cooler evening.
  2. Prepare as much as you can in advance in terms of decor and food. The more preparation you can do in the days before, allows you freedom on the day. Feel relaxed knowing that your event is organised and will be a huge success. When you are prepared you will not be running around the event getting hot and bothered but rather you can enjoy the event.
  3. Welcome your guests with an iced cold beverage such as an iced tea, a zesty gin and tonic or iced flavoured water with strawberries and mint or kiwi and cucumber. Your guests will start off the event in comfort with a cooling beverage to sip on allowing them to be hydrated and cooled all at the same time. Another simple yet wonderful way to welcome your guests to an event is to offer them a cooled damp hand towel. Roll wet towels up and store in the fridge. Present them to your guests on arrival/ The damp cool towel  allows guests the opportunity to refresh themselves by wiping their brow, neck and hands with an iced towel and helping them cool down.  The best cooling points are the neck and wrists, where large arteries run close to the skin.
  4. Allow for fresh air to circulate through the venue. Ensure that windows and doors are open allowing for fresh air to blow through the venue helping to lower the air temperature and replace hot stale air with fresh cooler air. If the temperatures are sky high we recommend hiring a few fans or even switching on the air conditioners to help bring the ambient temperature down. If you have an outdoor seating area we advise placing some large umbrella’s to protect your guests from the sun. If there is a risk of rain read our tips on how to prevent rain from ruining your event here. You can also provide your guests with a hand held fan to help cool them down and put sun hat and sunglasses on your dress code to ensure your guests are comfortable.
  5. Serve fresh food to your guests. When the temperatures are hot, the best food to serve are fresh, raw, crunchy and tasty food such as flavoursome salads, chilled soups, fruit salad, ice cream and popsicles. Rich, warm comforting food will increase your body’s temperature and thus we recommend avoiding these foods and rather serving your guests chilled and fresh food with vegetables and fruit. Another tip when serving food is make the food bright and colourful – the colour and variety will appeal to your guests and keep them well fed.
  6. Add a few decorations. Summer lends itself to a variety of themes and decorations such as fresh flowers arranged in a few vases, some paper pom poms or some coloured. Do not forget to have some relaxing music playing in the background to help create ambience. Ensure that you have enough seated areas for your guests. Many people do not wish to stand in the heat and would rather sit down and socialise with each other while enjoying a cooling drink (as mentioned above).

Summer is a wonderful time of the year and should be celebrated with loved ones. Enjoy your event in comfort and style – should you need any help with planning an event we would be happy to help you, so please get in touch.