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Lights, Camera, and Action. Behind the Scenes of the MPR Hiring Shoot

For 46 years Derek and I have been in the industry of setting up, not just venues,  but also creating theaters where extraordinary memories can be made. When our clients enter through the front door of MPR Hiring, they’ve come to expect our professional services, combined with a personal touch that only a loving, family enterprise can bring to the table.

Recently, we decided to connect more closely with our clients, and with a newer audience, through social media. This required an expanded marketing approach, showing our event setup expertise, which also includes those final decor touches which really make the event. For me, the most exciting part was the photographer!

For all the years we’ve been in this business, we’ve never photographed our amazing setup options. There is an amazing story to be told from this perspective.

One of the experiences that I love sharing with every one of our customers is choosing the setting and theme for an upcoming event. Even after four decades on the job, their choices and selections are still an exciting surprise. It is always different, because each person pairs our tableware, floors, and floral arrangements so differently. Each choice can change the entire feel of an occasion and every person brings a unique flair. The final touches truly tie together the entire event. It’s a process I love to watch unfold, from blank canvas to masterpiece.


For the first time we’ve been able to capture a fraction of this on our new inspiration page on the website, which shows some of my favourite event combos.

But the true stars of our business are the staff. They’ve all been around for years, and have the expertise to make any occasion perfect – and they all have stories that would blow you away! I would honestly say their  stories could make a movie. From crazily intricate jobs that need to be completed in an eyeblink, to hysterical experiences with guests, but what makes them special is their loyalty and knowledge. Each one of them is an expert. We’re so proud that for the first time ever a professional was able to catch a glimpse of what they do and accomplish on a weekly basis – which is miracles! Whether you call on them to manage the wheel of The MultiOne utility vehicle, or choosing between the Wooden Setting or High Tea decor options, they’ve all got an expertly informed opinion on what to do.

So, for the first time ever, you can see what magic is required to make an event happen. Hope you enjoy.