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How to heat a hired marquee in winter

Marquees are temporary structures, perfect for hiring for events as and when you need them. But being temporary means marquees need a little help when it comes to heating during winter events. MPR Hiring has been in the business of renting marquees for almost 50 years. These are some of our must-use tips for heating up an aluminium frame marquee to keep guests cosy and warm:

Know your options

There are many heating options available, but the one that will work best for your event depends on your event type and your budget. Due to the lack of insulation in a marquee, you need to ensure the heating solution you choose can effectively and consistently heat the space throughout the event – without creating a hazard or putting out fumes into an enclosed space.

Fan heaters are recommended for marquees because they can quickly and consistently heat a large space. Placing a fan heater in each corner of the marquee – with the fan positioned outside and the heat pumped into the marquee via a tube, is ideal. Strategically placed smaller heaters, like mushroom heaters, can also work well. When placing heaters inside the event space, go for options that are cordless (so you don’t have guests tripping over cables and creating fire hazards) and power-efficient. Heater placement largely depends on the type of event and the flow of the space.

A warm welcome

To create the perfect atmosphere when your guests arrive, try to have the heaters running for at least an hour before the event starts. Guests should be walking into warmth on their arrival, not standing around shivering. Just remember that once the space starts to fill up with people, the heating may need to be adjusted as needed.

Testing, testing

Test the heating a day or two before the event takes place to ensure the heat is sufficient for the space and that all heaters are working. This will leave you enough time to source more heaters if need be. It’s key to do the testing at the same time of day as the event because the midday winter sun is vastly different to the sunset chill that sets in. Conduct multiple tests around the marquee to ensure there are no heater blind spots (or hot spots).

Don’t forget the outdoors

Place mushroom heaters outside the venue around the entrance for people waiting to enter from outside. The heat will be a warm welcome so they can settle quickly once inside. This also has the added benefit of ensuring that you don’t get a cold burst of air every time the entrance is opened to let guests in.

MPR Hiring has been working with clients to provide marquees and event equipment and accessories for almost 50 years. We provide expert guidance and reliable customer service –