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Why hiring some professionals to help you with your event will transform your event

Organising and hosting a large event can be incredibly stressful. There are so many things to consider when planning an event. The size and depth of detail of your event will determine the amount of work and effort required in order to pull off a successful occasion.

Hosting a successful event requires a multifaceted approach to make sure that you have covered every aspect of the day. As with most industries, experience cannot be bought it must be earned. Professional event organisers have years of experience when it comes to hosting a successful and memorable event hence they are invaluable in pulling off the perfect event. Today we discuss why hiring an event organiser can make all the difference.

The first important decision that needs to be made when organising an event is the date on which your event will occur. Different types of events require different considerations when deciding on a date, for example – if you are hosting a beach party you would not host the event in the cold miserable season of winter but rather in the balmy tropical temperatures of summer. If you are hosting a dinner party one needs to consider which day of the week would be more suitable for you and your guests in terms of family and work commitments. An event organiser will guide you in making this decision, with valuable advice regarding popular dates for specific occasions.

Once you have decided on the date of our event, the next decision that needs to made is where your event will be held. Prior to booking the venue for your event there are numerous factors that need to be considered. These considerations include, how many guests can the venue host, thus if you are inviting a large number of guests you need to ensure the venue can cater for your guests comfortably. Remember to look at the possibility of your proposed venue having an outdoor area, an outdoor area can compliment your event such as sundowners in the garden or a picnic outside. If you are hosting a conference you need to enquire about presentation facilities, free wifi and parking facilities for all the attendees. There are a large variety of beautiful and capable venues in Johannesburg which can make it hard to narrow down your selection. If you hire a professional event organiser they will do the leg work of narrowing down the potential venues before presenting you with their top finds. They will save you a lot of time and money by vetting the venues to ensure that all your needs are met thus saving you time, energy and possible heartache later on.

You have now successfully chosen a date and venue, the next decision to make revolves around feeding your guests. It is important to ensure that your guests do not go hungry while attending your party. An event organiser will help with this aspect by assisting you by sourcing a professional cook/ caterer who will cook up tasty and memorable meal within your budget. The talented chef will guide you in the decision making process such as choosing cocktail finger foods versus a help yourself buffet or a plated three course meal. A caterer will ensure that there is enough food and drink to feed your guests and keep them happy and satisfied.

Other professionals we would recommend hiring include a music DJ to help you set the mood and get your guests grooving on the dance floor. Regardless of whether your event is a private function or a marketing occasion we would suggest booking a professional photographer to capture the event. Professional photographs will help preserve magical memories as well as help you put your best foot forward by placing your images of the event on media platforms to increase your exposure to potential customers.

There are a variety of other professionals that you can consult to ensure your event will be a success. Seek the services of a graphic designer to design your invitations and promotional pamphlets to be handed out at the event. Live entertainers who sing and play music, add a wonderful atmosphere to a wedding or celebration. Florists expertly arrange flowers to bring beauty and glamour to your event.

All of these professionals will help elevate your event from zero to hero, however it is important to have one person overseeing all the operations before and on the day of the event to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. This is where an event organiser is invaluable to a successful event as control all the items on the day allowing you to relax and enjoy the occasion that you worked really hard to put together.