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How to grow your business with the right event

Nothing beats face-to-face connection when it comes to networking and connecting with clients and potential clients – and events are an incredible tool for just that. But they can also be used as platforms to significantly extend brand awareness and reach through the right people and media channels – if they’re interesting enough.

Here we look at four ways events can be used to grow your business by building the right connections, and getting the right people talking about your brand.

1. Make sure you have a ‘hook’
Everyone’s busy. Always. To break through and make your event something clients and potential clients want to come to is half the battle. Think carefully about the purpose of the event and how to make it a memorable, worthwhile experience for your guests. Ask yourself these questions: would I want to be at this event if I wasn’t hosting it? Is this something new and different that people will be interested in? Will people talk about it beyond the event?
Finding a unique hook that answers ‘yes’ to all those questions isn’t easy, but it is essential. Remember to make sure the event concept ties in well with your brand essence and identity – people must remember the experience AND your brand, not just the experience.

2. Create a build-up
The ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (FOMO) is very real. And it’s something to tap into. By creating exclusivity you create intrigue, and the desire for more information. Everyone loves to receive an exclusive invitation where they feel in-the-know. Making sure you do pre-event PR to create anticipation, will make the guests who receive their invitations that much more likely to consider coming.

If you’re planning something truly unique – that has the right hook – people will naturally talk about it and want ‘in’. You can leverage interest in the event to further build your client database by encouraging people to sign up for a newsletter, or purchase an item for a chance to receive one of the exclusive tickets or invitations.

3. Leverage the event for content creation
Don’t spend money on an event just for those few hours – think of it as a platform to generate further content and talkability for your business. In the age of smartphones, every single person attending your event is a potential media channel. A single tweet or video has the potential to reach more people than you can fit in even the largest marquee.
Think about the type of content people will be capturing at your event and how that can be leveraged to further build your brand. Incorporate the digital with the real to encourage content sharing, but make sure you give parameters for how you want people to share content. Great ways to do this include providing an event hashtag or a smartly branded content creation area, such as an interactive photobooth.

4. Invite media and industry influencers
If your event is remarkable and interesting enough, it’s worth extending the invitation to key media and industry influencers. Where possible, incorporate the right influencers into the event itself. By leveraging their networks, you can up the FOMO factor for your event and provide further incentive for other guests and media to want to be there.
By keeping the purpose of the event and the full experience closely linked to your brand essence, all event coverage will be further marketing for your business.
Need help planning a remarkable event for your business? MPR Hiring has extensive experience and a team of eventing experts who love creating unique experiences of all types and sizes. Get in touch for a quote.