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Get fancy without the fuss: budget friendly event décor

When planning an event, it’s easy to go down a Pinterest rabbit-hole of gorgeous décor ideas. Then comes the moment of reckoning when you realise you might have to seriously consider robbing a bank if you hope to actually pull it all off.

However, with a bit of forward planning, and some thriftiness, you can make any event look magazine-worthy. Here are our tips on achieving décor trends on a budget:


Start early

Giving yourself time is essential. Decide on the look you’re going for early on so you have enough time to source what you need – without ending up in a flat panic the day before and having to fork out for ready-made décor. Start collecting items you can reuse, and put out the call to your friends to start collecting these items for you too.


Reuse and repurpose

Jam jars and wine bottles can make for the perfect blank canvases to bring your look to life. Clean these out and remove any labels ahead of time. Glass jars make for perfect candle holders for outdoor events while wine bottles just need a bit of metallic spray paint (or any colour you’re going for) and you have whole range of ready-to-use, stylish vases.


Make your own photobooth

Photobooths can be a major expense for an event. But in the age of Instagram, anyone with a smartphone can be their own event photographer – all you need to do is provide the setting. An easy way to do this is to use an old frame. Just add some real or paper flowers to the corners – and voila! If you don’t have a frame lying around, you can simply make one out of cardboard. Check out this easy DIY floral photo frame video for tips.


Go big on balloons

One of the biggest trends in current event décor just so happens to be one of the easiest on the pocket. Balloons have been popping up all over on Instagram and Pinterest as event décor – and we’re not talking about kids parties.

They’re being used in gorgeously creative ways from balloon walls and garlands to centre pieces and even chandeliers. You can fill them with confetti, or go ultra-glam by covering them in tulle. The best way to achieve a chic décor effect with balloons is to stick to a consistent colour palette. Check out this balloon garland DIY guide to see how easy it is to do yourself.


Fruit over flowers

Using fruit instead of (or together with) flowers is another easy way to reduce costs. Stacking brightly coloured fruits like lemons or apples can give you an instantly modern and stylish effect. See how we used lemons and even artichokes for instantly vibrant, sophisticated table décor.

Let there be light

Lights and candles are the easiest and most budget-friendly way to immediately transform any location into a romantic setting for an event. String fairy lights in trees for instant whimsy, or zig-zag them across a wall for a stunning backdrop. Tealight candles are always a hit – and they last for hours. They can be used in as many ways as you can image. Float them on a tray in the pool, drop them into mason jars and scatter over all your tables, or intersperse them with some driftwood and greenery for a rustic-chic look like we did here.


Need some help?

There’s no event too big or too small for the expert team at MPR Hiring. We love making sure events go smoothly from start to finish and we’ll work with you to understand your unique ideas and requirements. Get in touch for a quote.