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Five tips for the perfect winter event

Winter can be one of the most magical times of the year for special events. However, it also poses a number of obvious challenges (and chills) that should be taken into consideration during the planning process. So whether you’re planning a winter wedding, function or private party, here are the key things to keep top-of-mind:


Turn up the heat

No one wants to stick around at an event when they’re shivering to the bone. Guest comfort should be your number one priority when it comes to planning the finer details of your event.

There are loads of different ways to create warmth in any venue. It all starts with identifying the areas your guests will be spending time in and ensuring even spacing of the right type of heating for each area. With smart heater placement, even tented marquees can feel toasty and warm.

Nothing creates winter warmth quite like roaring fire places. If your venue doesn’t offer any built-in fire places, consider introducing braziers and fire pits outdoors to create warm gathering points outside. An abundance of candles can also go a long way to create that romantic winter cosiness you want to achieve. Outdoor patio areas need more powerful, hard-working heaters such as patio heaters or gas-powered mushroom heaters. Make sure you fire the heaters up before your guests arrive.


Light it up    

Lighting goes a long way in creating a warm atmosphere for an event. In addition to using a lot of candles, make sure you use warm-toned globes and even coloured lights to set a more homely tone. Remember to consider timing for your lighting too. Days are shorter in winter, so even late afternoon/early evening events may need some extra lighting.


Prepare your guests

If a considerable part of your event will be outdoors, make sure you tell your guests to dress warmly (and bring their jackets) to manage their expectations. Offering extra winter comforts like blankets and hot beverages on arrival can also make all the difference to their overall experience. If the event is seated, try to opt for chairs that come with cushions.


Go for comfort foods

Hot food can help warm your guests from the inside out. Think stews, soups and curries. Winter comfort foods are favourites for a reason so embrace them fully and give them your own twist. Who doesn’t like soup and toasted sandwiches? Add a touch of childhood nostalgia with decadent hot chocolate topped with marshmallows (and maybe even let your guests stick some marshmallows on a stick to heat at the outdoor fires). If you want to keep things more sophisticated, how about a bit of Glüwein?

Let’s plan the perfect winter event together

With over 40 years’ experience, we’ve planned events for every season and occasion. We’d love to help you create the perfect event. Get in touch for a quote.