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We have the answer to all your questions about event tents for hire and everything else you need for a memorable event.

What is a marquee tent?

A marquee is a smaller version of a larger tent structure. Our event tents for hire include marquee tents frequently used as entranceways or small sectioned-off areas within a larger tent structure system.

What are the types of marquee tents?

MPR Hiring offers two types of marquee event tents for hire.

Peg and pole marquees

Tension structures, also known as peg and pole marquee tents, are used on soft surfaces like grass or soil. These marquee event tents for hire come in various widths, including six metres, nine metres, 12 metres, 15 metres, and 21 metres. Peg and pole marquee event tents for hire can be built to any length after you’ve chosen the appropriate width. You may also choose to install an interlocking hardwood floor to ensure adequate water drainage and to give the impression of a more permanent structure. This also keeps delicate table, chair legs, and ladies’ stiletto heels from sinking into the ground.

Aluminium frame marquees

We provide clearspan marquees with aluminium frames in widths of three metres, six metres, nine metres, 10 metres, 12 metres, 15 metres, 20 metres, and 25 metres. This type of tent can be lengthened, like peg and pole marquee event tents for hire. Once you’ve decided on the width, we can adjust the length to meet your on-site needs. Because of the design’s flexibility, different shapes of tents can be erected. As a result, these aluminium event tents for hire can be adapted and supplemented with high-quality tenting to cover awkward spaces. Furthermore, these tents can be erected on surfaces that are too hard for pegs and are weight-anchored, leaving the ground undamaged.

What are the types of glassware I can hire for an event?

For all your events, conferences, functions, weddings, or private parties, MPR Hiring provides various event glassware for hire in different shapes and sizes. We have everything from traditional, plain to banquet glassware. Our crystal and glass dishes, serving plates, dessert bowls, and other glassware are available for hire in Johannesburg.

Do you offer crockery for hire?

Our event crockery for hire ranges from the more elegant Royal Porcelain collection to a modern octagonal set.

Royal Porcelain

Crockery for hire in this range includes dinner plates, dessert bowls, fish plates, milk jugs, salt and pepper sets, side plates, soup bowls with saucers, sugar bowls, teacups, and saucers.

Octagonal set

Within this range, you can choose dinner plates, ashtrays, cereal bowls, dessert bowls, finger bowls with saucers, fish plates, large and small milk jugs, mocha cups and saucers, platters, side plates, soup bowls with saucers, sugar bowls, tea or coffee pots, teacups, and saucers.

Can I hire cutlery from MPR Hiring?

Our stainless steel event cutlery is suitable for any dish, from meat dishes to the most decadent cakes. We also sell unusual items like cheese knives and butter lifters. In addition, we have an exquisite Grecian cutlery range for more formal events.

What table options do you offer for hire?

MPR Hiring can provide event table rentals in various sizes and materials, including aluminium and wood. Furthermore, we specialise in large-volume event table rentals, so you can be confident that we will have enough tables for your event. Our event table rentals include:

  • Rectangular tables
  • Round plastic tables
  • Beerfest tables and benches
  • Conference tables
  • Wooden tables
  • Round wooden high cocktail tables
  • Round aluminium high cocktail tables

In addition, we provide bar tables for hire in various sizes and heights to ensure your guests’ comfort.

Do you offer event seating for hire?

For all your events, conferences, functions, weddings, or private parties in Johannesburg, we have various chairs and seating for hire. These seating options are suitable for any venue, from traditional banqueting chairs to practical deli chairs, benches, and barstools, and can easily be combined with our accessories and tables.

What catering equipment do you offer for hire?

MPR Hiring has everything you need for affordable, high-quality catering equipment hire in Johannesburg for your event.

Some of our event catering equipment for hire Include:

  • Barrel braai
  • Carvery units
  • Chafing dishes
  • Convection oven
  • Electric urns (20 and 28 litres)
  • Food and pie warmers
  • Full-size Bain Marie pot
  • Gas ovens
  • Hot trays
  • Potjie pots (3 to 70 litres)
  • Spitbraai
  • Three-burner gas tables
  • Three-division Bain Marie

What event accessories can be hired from MPR Hiring?

Without the right accessories, no event is complete. We provide a diverse range of equipment that may not have been considered previously. We have everything from umbrellas to flooring and everything in between.

Examples include:

  • Table linen like tablecloths, serviettes, chair covers, etc.
  • Tableware like cake stands, champagne coolers, platters, candelabra, mirror boards, bread baskets, soup tureens, vegetable dishes, etc.
  • Caribbean umbrellas, steel umbrella stands, lecterns, dustbins, fans, picket fencing, stanchions, free-standing ashtrays, etc.
  • Flooring like Astroturf, carpeting, wooden flooring, and dance floors.

Do you deliver tents, accessories, tables, etc., to our venue?

All our other event products, from marquee event tents for hire, bar tables, dining tables, seating, and dinner wear to catering equipment, flooring and other event accessories, can be delivered to your venue at competitive prices, ensuring a seamless service to and from your event venue. Furthermore, our professional and friendly team provides everything ready to use at your event.

I need some event inspiration. Can you help?

MPR Hiring has a gallery of inspiration for all events, conferences, functions, weddings, and private parties. You can view our gallery of inspirational table settings here. These table settings demonstrate how our equipment will blend in with any colour, theme, or type of event you are planning.

Contact MPR Hiring for details

MPR Hiring has a large selection of event tents for hire and can provide professional advice to help you choose the best tent for your event and available space. In addition, we have worked with some of the country’s biggest brands to create events. Please get in touch with a representative from MPR Hiring today for more information about our event tents for hire and any other items for hire to ensure a successful event.