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How to create an inviting atmosphere when using a marquee tent.

A marquee tent is a great way to create a venue where there was no venue previously. It can create magic from nothing. As wonderful as marquee tents are they can look and feel like a cave if you do not decorate it and plan it properly. Never fear we are here to help with a few tips to ensure your venue is warm and inviting.

Here are some tips to consider when planning your next event hosted in a Marquee tent.


    1. Set your location correctly


When choosing where to put your tent make sure that there is access to bathrooms close by – you do not wish to have your guests walking far distances to use the facilities. This will dilute your guests and make the event feel sparsely attended. Remember to ensure that you do not place your tent on wet saturated ground as this will make the venue cold and uninviting due to the excessive moisture that will seep up during the function. The venue should also be located near the parking area. No one enjoys walking far in their finest clothes so try and place the tent within a close proximity to the parking lot.


    1. Choose the correct sized tent


Remember to chose the correct size of tent prior to the function. We at MPR can advise you with this matter. If your tent is too small your event will be squashed and your guests will be uncomfortable getting in and out of their seats. Small tents also limit movement during the event which decreases socialising and networking amongst guests which makes for quite a boring event.

On the flip side, if your tent is too big, your event will feel cavernous and there will be limited warmth and intimacy generated. If your space is large you will require a large amount of people and tables to fill it to ensure your event looks well attended.


    1. Regulating the temperature within the marquee tent


If you recall, we spoke about creating a cosy event in the cold. (Read our tips here). These tips are crucial when planning a winter event. If you are planning a summer event consider having the side walls open allowing ventilation of fresh air through the area. You may wish to place a fan or two within the tent or a portable air conditioning unit to assist with cooling the temperature down, there is nothing worse than being in a sweltering environment. Remember if you are hosting an evening summer event – there is a large chance of bugs coming to the light in the evening, so we would advise that you place some citronella candles or tabard candles in the area to deter the critters from bothering your guests. Once your are sure your guests will be comfortable in any weather condition you can go about planning and decorating the interior.


    1. Plan your table layout effectively.


When planning your table layout within the venue there are a few items to consider. The first is to consider the shape of your table, round versus square versus rectangular. Last month we wrote about the advantages and disadvantages of these three table shapes – read more on the choice of table shape here.

Once you have chosen what shape tables you would like for your event -you can go about arranging them around the tent. If you have a dance floor we suggest arranging the tables around the dance floor so that if people do not want to dance during the night they can watch the festivities from their tables and still feel included. Remember to allocate an area to the bar as well as a table for food. If you are having a buffet meal ensure you have enough space around the food table for guests to queue for food and make their way back to their tables comfortably.


    1. Be clever with lighting and sound


Marquee tents are large structures and need to be lit correctly to create ambience and atmosphere. If it is a day time event you can use tea light candles on the table and some up lighting to increase the light within the roof.

If you are hosting an evening event you can experiment with coloured lights such as pink/purple lighting to create an warmer atmosphere. Candles create warmth and welcome you into the space – so why not place candelabras on the tables or tea lights in small glasses scattered everywhere to create light and warm wherever you look.

It is important to have some good music at your event. Music is a critical part of creating ambience and mood. Hire a professional DJ to rig up the adequate equipment to ensure all guests can hear announcements, speeches and songs during the evening. Music can truly create magic and vibrancy at any event.

If you need any more assistance with planning your event – we would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.