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Past Events

Butterworth and Working with the Government

Much has been said in South Africa about government and their responsibility to the people but the extent to which that responsibility can only be fulfilled by the companies and service providers employed by government is not often realised. To have successful government action, we need to have a successful free enterprise economy to give government the support services and products they need to effectively do their jobs. It’s a two way street and MPR Hiring is extremely proud to be one of the long established South African companies who don’t shirk when it comes to putting our best collective foot forward and setting a shining example at state functions and ministry events.

MPR Hiring recently installed our better-than-global-standard event equipment at an event in Butterworth in the Cape which hosted the ministry of sciences. Minister Naledi Pandor spoke at the event and it was certainly inspiring to those present to see a representative of government taking action and communicating with the people – accommodated in our tents and function equipment with flooring and seating. The place was transformed for the event with equipment the like of which had not yet been seen in Butterworth.

Thabo Motompene, the MPR man on site in Butterworth, oversaw our crew as they put the event together. Although this ministerial events took place well within the borders of South Africa, the logistical implications of hosting large events in out of the way places always deserve a mention. Without the discipline, motivation and team spirit of our crews, events of this nature simply can’t happen. We were proud to serve South Africa still, after forty years.