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Bring spring to your event with these ideas

Spring is the celebration of rebirth and renewal. In the Southern hemisphere the start of spring is traditionally marked as the 1st of September or the month of September in general. Spring brings about new growth as trees and plants explode into life with bright greenery and colourful blossoms. In nature animals give birth in spring after hibernating through a cold winter symbolising the arrival of new life. Trees burst into bright green colours with new leaves and the temperature increases and blue skies show off fluffy white clouds floating across the horizon.

Spring is a time of happiness and the start of celebrating the outdoors and the start of a beautiful new season. It is easy to bring Spring into your event with these easy ideas. Hosting an event with an indoor and outdoor area is a great way to allow guests the opportunity of enjoying the great outdoors and fresh air with the assurance of going inside should the temperature be too cold later in the evening. We recommend erecting some large umbrellas and seating outside for everyone to enjoy while still being sheltered from the African sun, while having a protected indoor area with a few items to keep it warm, (if you are looking for some ideas on how to keep your venue warm click over here to see some more tips).

The quickest and most effective way to showcase the beauty of Spring is to dress your event with a variety of flowers. Flowers themselves are beautiful and represent the beauty nature has to offer. There are a multitude of ways to arrange flowers in a unique and interesting way to create interest and beauty at your event, here are a few ideas.

Arrange a variety of flowers and greenery traditionally in different shape vases. Remember to use fresh water and cut the stems before placing into fresh water to make them last longer. Try using different shaped vases such as square, round and cylindrical to create some diversity in terms of height and interest to your floral arrangements.

Another way of arranging flowers is to bunch the same variety of flowers/ flowers of the same colour together i.e. do not mix them together keep the same type of flowers together. By bunching the flowers together it creates more of an impact with regard to guests noticing the beautiful flower and colour. For example have a large vase of roses showing off the rose or a big bunch of Proteas to show off their beauty. The other idea is to group pink roses and star gazer lilies together featuring the colour pink or daffodils and sunflowers to showcase yellow or daisies and white lily’s to exhibit the colour white. Alternatively arrange a large vase of roses together to show these majestic flowers off.

If you are on a budget gather a variety of small glass bottles and place one flower in each bottle and arrange down the table. The simple and modern arrangement is bound to wow your guests.

Spring is also associated with colour – specifically pastel colours. Place a pastel napkin at each table setting or use a colourful tablecloth to bring a pop of colour to your table setting. Pastel colours work very well in combination together – maybe try combining a coloured tablecloth with a different coloured napkin. If you would prefer to stick to one colour why not match your flowers to your table linen or try use different shades of the same colour throughout the table setting e.g. Use a light green pastel tablecloth and pair it with a darker shade of hunters green napkin and combine this all with matching coloured flowers and greenery such as white lilies and greenery.

Other decor ideas include hanging colourful bunting from the roof or tissue flowers/ poms-poms in your chosen colour. Compliment your decor with a few tea light candles and fairy lights to make the whole venue sparkle – combining everything together with a little bit of magic and sparkly lights.

Spring can also be shown and celebrated through your food and drink selection. Spring allows for fresh and tasty food as the comfort foods of winter are left behind. As the temperature increases ensure you have some jugs of water available to your guests. To jazz up your water add some cut strawberries or lemon slices and some sprigs of mint. Other Spring drink ideas include Pims and lemonade, mojitos or frozen strawberry daiquiris. Think sweet and colourful fruit platters or a crunchy salad filled with beautiful toppings. Other Spring inspired food includes baby chickens with fresh rolls and salad, quiches of baby spinach and feta or spring rolls filled with chicken or vegetables. Let us not forget the sweet treats in the food selection such as zesty lemon cupcakes or berry pavlovas or chilled chocolate mousse with strawberries.

Finally in honour of Spring, invite your guests to attend your event in summer hats and beautiful floral dresses or chinos and white linen shirt. All your guests will love the celebration of Spring and saying good bye to the cold winter months as summer can be seen ahead in the future.