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Bring love into your event and to your loved one this February

February is the month of the year synonymous with love and romance, due to the fact that Valentine’s Day falling on Wednesday the 14th of February. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show your loved one how much you love and care for them – more than you normally do. We suggest pulling out all the stops to warm your partners heart this February. We are sharing some advice on how to bring out your romantic side this month.


1.Make the effort

We love showing our loved ones we love them and even though we would love to do this everyday – life can get in the way. This month make an effort with your partner – we not only talking about making an effort on the 14th of February – we urge you to do it every day. When you make an effort the one you love will notice – trust us.

What does making an effort mean? Making an effort applies to anything and everything you do! Put a little bit more effort into your appearance during the day – show off your good looks, after all your partner is the one who looks at you, not you. So do your hair, put on some make-up, don’t wear that old hole ridden shirt and put some perfume/ cologne on.

Some other ideas on how you can make an effort include opening the door for each other each and every time you get in/out the car . Make the effort by treating your loved one to a special home cooked meal when they least expect it. To cook a meal from scratch requires a lot more effort than ordering in or taking someone out to dinner. So cook them their favourite dish and serve it up with some candles and romantic music in the background.

Making an effort should be done each and every day. It does not require money nor extravagance. What we are talking about is opening the door for your lady. Leaving a little note in your man’s lunch. Polish his shoes for him or doing the dishes after dinner. Making an effort can include foot rubs or a shoulder massage releasing stress. Any effort or thought you put into improving your partners day will not go unnoticed – your partner will love each and everything you do. February could become a way of life for eternity.


2. Spoil them with their favourite things.

Spoil your loved one by treating them with their favourite things. Buy them their favourite CD or that item of clothing that they have been eyeing at the mall. To spoil them with their favourite things does not have to cost money. Maybe your loved one loves watching movies at home so why not rent a DVD and spend a night at home by watching a movie. You could cook their favourite meal or order take-always from their best restaurant. To spoil could involve spending quality time together like going for a walk to watch the sunset or going out for a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

Some other ideas to spoil your partner include …

  • Booking a couples massage
  • Cleaning the house for your partner
  • Arranging a picnic in the garden


3. Make Valentine’s Day an event

Valentine’s Day is a special day where we celebrate love and happiness. Celebrate this occasion by making it a very special event. As we have discussed to make an effort is important when it comes to making Valentine’s Day an event. Here are some tips on making the event super special.

Send them an invitation to your event, we are not talking about a simple whatsapp. Write them a letter with all the details time, address, theme etc. and give it to them leading up to the event. This invitation will start building the excitement.

Pick them up and give them a bunch of flowers and tell them how beautiful/handsome they look. A great way to add some more flair to the event is to use the colour scheme synonymous with love and romance – pink and red. Dress up in the colour – prepare red food such as gazpacho, steak, beetroot salad and strawberry sorbet.


4. Tell them how much you care and (if applicable) that you love them.

Your partner is very special to you otherwise you would not be looking for ways to make them feel special. So tell them how much you care and love them. Do not just tell them flippantly – rather sit them down and share with them how you feel. Explain how much they mean to you and how grateful you are that they are in your life. Everyone likes to know and hear how appreciated they are.

All in all – be selfless and put your partner first and treat them like the royalty they are. We wish you all a loving Valentine’s Day and special February.