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Be the holiday host with the most

December is finally here. And wow, is it just us or did it take a long, long time to get here? The sun is out, everything’s winding down and everyone’s looking forward to a much-needed break and quality time with loved ones. December is a happy month renowned for fun and family.

But if you’re hosting the festivities this year, it can be a pretty stressful time too. A full house and long dinner parties, can lead to a full checklist and hours hovering over the stove. So, we have the holiday hosting guide you need so you can relax and enjoy spending time with the people who matter:

Marquee in the garden

The average home isn’t built for a family of 20 plus, so don’t fret about trying to make the inside space work for a big gathering. Hire a marquee tent to host your family for a holiday lunch or dinner. The versatility of a marquee means it can be as big as you need it to be, and it can be set up to adapt to the outdoor space you have – be it extending the cover of the patio, or standing alone in the garden.

Coming in hot

When it comes to serving a big meal, making the food is just one part of the stress. Keeping it warm and having enough dishes and space to serve it is another thing in itself. Don’t waste your holiday budget on buying expensive serving equipment for one event – rent instead. You can easily hire everything you need – from chafing dishes to hot trays, we’ve got it all.

Catering for the masses

Don’t spend your holiday slaving over the stove, sobbing into your signature butternut soup while you have ten other dishes on the go. Keep things simple by hiring a spitbraai or potjie pots (or both) for a social, fun, quintessentially South African gathering.

The whole family can enjoy sitting around the fire, spending quality time together, rather than stressed out in the kitchen. Delicious aromas, great company, zero stress. Now that’s a holiday dinner we all want to enjoy.


Hosting a big gathering this Festive Season? Get in touch for simple, no-fuss solutions to make it a breeze.