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Alternative Plans For The Coronavirus In South Africa

As President Cyril Ramoposa announced on 15th March 2020, all events with over 100 people must be cancelled.

To ensure we do our part, the team at MPR Hiring will not assist with events larger than the government prescribed limit.

This being said, there are cases where you might need large marquee tents that are set up by professionals for medical purposes.

We’d also like to mention that we are the only South African events company in possession of a tent washing machine.

Right now, hospitals around the world are preparing for possible surges in patients. It may become important to provide alternative venues for quarantines and isolation areas.
So, our solution is to suggest how to set up a mobile clinic that is comfortable and hygienic.

Put Measures In To Control The Elements

Creating a sheltered and clean environment means being able to control the natural elements. If a patient is on a bed or waiting in a room without a floor, you can be sure they’ll be a little sceptical about the medical treatment they will receive.

We’d suggest renting wooden flooring, as its solid and safe to walk on and you’ll be able to wash down the surfaces properly.

Then, our aluminium framed marquee tents can be erected firmly on hard surfaces and can withstand harsh climates. Air-conditioning is also an available option.
Also, they allow for the floor space to be sub-divided.

These clear span marquees also allow ample light in, which will make reading indoors easier.

Disposal Bins

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended that, if you sneeze, to do so into a bent elbow or into a tissue. If you do use a tissue, you’ll need to dispose of it into a sealed bin and wash your hands.

We do supply dustbins and wheelie bins, but we must inform you that they are not certified for medical waste. This being said, we’d strongly suggest that having access to a bin is better than not having one.


Thousands of South Africans will need testing. A large portion will be the elderly. We’d suggest making a plan to ensure they have a seat.

We offer a wide selection of chairs for hire, but our plastic chairs would be best for ease of scrubbing down.

Our fencing solutions are normally meant for keeping children within the venue, but they can possibly be used to ensure that the correct distancing is established.

It is with a heavy heart that we make these suggestions for our event equipment. But at the same time understand that in extreme times decisions for the greater good need to be made.

On that sobering thought, please remember to wash your hands regularly and if you feel any symptoms to immediately phone the national helpline who will direct you to the best course of action. Please do not go straight to a hospital or doctor, as they might be compromised if you are Covid19 positive. That number is 0800 029 999.

If you need our services let us know.