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Add Glamour To Your Event With A Red Carpet And Rope Stanchions

The red carpet and rope stanchions have come to be associated with heads of state, celebrities, and award shows of all kinds.

The phrase “red carpet treatment” is thought to have originated with The New York Central Railroad. A red carpet and rope stanchions were used to guide passengers boarding exclusive train cars in the early twentieth century. Because travel on these cars was usually limited to wealthy passengers, the practice became popular as a means of distinguishing elite treatment or importance.

The first known use of a red carpet in Hollywood was by Sid Grauman, who painted the entrance to his Egyptian Theatre red for the first Hollywood premiere of a film, 1946’s Robin Hood, starring Douglas Fairbanks as the titular character.

The Academy Awards began putting red carpet and rope stanchions on the entrance to the award show in 1961. Despite most home viewers at the time still using black-and-white television sets, this did not diminish the significance. Today, during the Academy Awards, red carpets and rope stanchions are used as a location for paparazzi and reporters to interview and photograph celebrities on their way to the ceremony. It has become the opening event of the Oscars, with celebrities discussing what designer clothes they are wearing or how they prepared for the night.

These days, red carpet treatment’s importance still denotes special treatment for special guests.

What Are Stanchions?

A stanchion is a vertical bar usually made of stainless steel and is used to support a barrier. Stanchions are associated with velvet ropes in the event industry and are used for crowd control at red-carpet premieres, nightclub entrances, public events, or even museum exhibits.

Because these fixtures are relatively light, they can be easily carried, installed, and removed for different events.

While red carpets can be rented separately, they are typically used with rope stanchions to provide a professional Hollywood-style experience and classy crowd control.

A spectacular event

The red carpet and rope stanchions are the way to go for a classic movie premiere arrival feel. Whether you need a classic red carpet and rope stanchions rental for your event or a custom event runner, MPR Hiring has several options to meet your needs.

We have standard widths for event carpets, and lengths can be tailored to your specific requirements. Furthermore, in addition to red, we have various other coloured carpets and rope stanchions. All carpets come with double-sided tape underneath, but extra tape around the edge can be applied to increase safety, particularly for outdoor events. And don’t forget, our team offers local delivery, professional setup, and breakdown services.

Contact MPR Hiring For Details

Whether you’re throwing a small dinner party or the biggest party in town, MPR Hiring’s red carpet and rope stanchions combination will make it the talk of the town. Please contact a representative from MPR Hiring today for more information about our red carpet and rope stanchions.