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6 Wedding trends on their way out and the 6 trends replacing them

We’re well past the halfway mark of 2018 and we’re already seeing a shift in wedding trends as we inch toward spring and summer (finally!). Here’s a breakdown of the trends that are on their way out and the trends replacing them in the upcoming seasons:

OUT: Rustic >> IN: Elegant and refined

Rustic has had a good run. But like any trend, when it becomes overdone, it has to make room for something new. That’s not to say that rustic will completely disappear –but rather that even rustic farm and barn venues will be getting more elegant and refined in their styling. Think less hay bales and mason jars and more chandeliers, candlelight and cascading flowers.

OUT: Bare tables >> IN: Luxury linens

Following from the move toward elegance and stylish finishes, we’re going to be seeing less bare wooden tables and more smart drapery and luxury linens. Less is no longer ‘more’when it comes to table styling and settings.   

OUT: Traditional buffet >> IN: Multiple food stations

The buffet itself is getting a modern makeover. Rather than just one spread for the main meal, a big food trend is breaking up the buffet into multiple food stations with different themes for extra fun. For example, a salad bar, seafood bar, sweet treat station and midnight snack display. This varied approach keeps things interesting and gives guests a chance to design their own food experience.

OUT: Photo booths >> IN: Unique guest experiences

Photo booths have been done to death. And can still be done very well, but they’ll be getting a makeover. Think Gif booths and Snapchat-style filters. Wedding planners and couples are also getting more creative with different ways to create memorable experiences. We’ll be seeing more interactive bars, on-site mixologists and DIY food experiences like roasted marshmallow stations and gelato bars.

OUT: Pastels >> IN: Rich, deep colours

Pastels are on their way out along with rustic styling. Instead, couples are opting for brighter, richer and bolder palettes. We’re seeing this in everything from the choice of spot colours to the type of flowers and greenery. Think deep pinks, purples, greens and oranges. And it doesn’t matter the time of year –brides are going with the colours they love, rather than those dictated by the season.

OUT: Centre pieces >> IN: Hanging florals

Traditional, overly arranged centre pieces are making way for cascading, hanging and suspended florals and greenery. Shifting the décorfrom the table tops to the rooftops, gives guests much more room for food, drinks and engaging conversations.

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