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5 Unique Easter Games to Play with Your Family

We’ve been in the business for four decades. Over this time we’ve seen our fair share of unique events and ideas, but non as inventive as around Easter. While most assume that creativity around a holiday is reserved for Christmas or Halloween, Easter is South Africa’s first long break from work and school to be shared with family – and one that brings some of the best ideas.

So we’ve decided to compile a list of the best games we’ve witnessed – who we kidding – played!

The Water Egg and Spoon Race
Everyone knows about the egg and spoon race, and although the tension of that race is hard to beat, there is an egg alternative that is even more exciting – a water balloon. Balloons also add an extra element to race, as they don’t always explode.

Easter Bunny Ear Toss
No one has ever seen the Easter Bunny before, and rightly so, as he is a magical being. So giving the younger members of the family the opportunity to trap him with a magical ring is a once in a lifetime experience.

Source some blow up rings, a pair of wonderfully fluffy ears, and let the children see if they can land a ring (and trap) the bunny’s ears.
The Egg Stack Race
While it is impossible to stack one egg on top of another one, with used toilet rolls you can. What you’ll need is a 6 eggs, 6 rolls, and a stop watch. Pit individuals against each other and see who is able to stack the most eggs on top of each other the quickest.

Treat Rope Race
Easter is normally the time of the year where we all gobble up our treats, except in this game. Players will have to tie their treat to the end of a rope. The object of the game is that players must drag the rope using their teeth. Whoever crosses the finish line first, wins. If you’re fortunate to have a large enough area you can set up a side-by-side arena and compete till the late evening.

We did say unique, but honestly nothing is as good as an old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. The excitement, exploring, and investigating, sometimes it is hard to improve on the classics – but this is one occasion. While the rules are simple, each parent can change up the details to their heart’s desire. How about some  ‘Easter Bunny foot prints’ (which smell remarkably like baby powder)? Or if the bunny has been a bit slack you can set up the old baby monitors and send hubby past one in a bunny costume.
Easter is all about family. So enjoy it to the max, after all, they do grow up very quickly 😉