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5 Things that changed our working world

When we started 46 years ago having a computer in the office was a silly thought. After all they were massive whirring giants that occupied whole rooms! But can you imagine an office space without one, on every desk, today?

After all this time in the business here are our top 5 things that have totally restructured our industry.


Cell phones

Many kids of today won’t remember a time when you couldn’t just pull a telephone out of your pocket and call whoever you wanted. But when we started our journey such technology was stuff of sci-fi.

For us at MPR it’s made the world of difference on the ground and the day-to-day running of the business. Before the cell phone if our staff at the event needed to talk us at the office it was to say the least a ordeal. Nowaday if there is an issue they can phone us directly.


The Internet

Again, this may seem strange for any of our kids who are younger than 20, but yes, there was a time before Google, never mind emails! Email allows us to easily send documents to foreign clients in far flung places, with pictures and contracts, in the blink of an eye. Before emails we did have the fax machine, but that didn’t survive…

Also, the ability to easily and inexpensively find out about new technologies is priceless – and has kept us one step ahead of the game.


New tent materials

The basic marquee shape comes from a centuries’ old pole tent  design. But even one hundred years ago tents were still made out of heavy fabrics that had to be weather-proofed with fats and oils. Today we have access to many new light, waterproof fabrics, which means we can go higher and bigger for our clients.


The everyday plastic lawn chair

Plastic has been around for over 100 years. But for us, it was the invention of the one-piece plastic chair, which was first produced in the 1970s, that changed everything! More so than PCs!

The simple plastic chair has changed everything for us. Before this we used heavy folding chairs made from steel and wood -they were a nightmare to transport. Now we have a stackable, light-weight, wimbledon chairs, which can be covered in any fabric our clients desire. It’s an invention most would sneer at, but one at MPR Hiring we love on a daily basis.