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FAQ: Will a marquee damage my grounds?

One of the most common questions clients ask when it comes to marquee rental is whether there will be any lasting damage to their garden or sporting grounds from the set up and disassembly of marquee structures. The answer is no – but only if you have the right service provider. Here’s how the MPR Hiring team make sure your grounds are respected and protected:

Pick the right marquee

Choosing the type of marquee to erect is the very first and critical step. There are two types of marquees you can consider, the aluminium frame tent and the peg and pole tent. Both with their own merits.

Soft ground like a field or garden is suitable for both types of tents. The peg and pole tents are secured into the ground using strong metal pegs. It’s done carefully and accurately to ensure least amount of disruption to the ground. These do not create any permanent damage and the holes will disappear in a short space of time.

A hard surface like a tennis court, car park or street suits an aluminium frame marquee best. Weights are used, instead of pegs, so no damage is done to the ground surface.

Ground cover, covered

The next consideration is flooring and ground cover. If you’re hosting an event and expecting a lot of foot traffic, your grass is going to bear the brunt of it. It’s more susceptible to damage if it’s damp and the ground is soft. Flooring and ground cover options not only help to protect your grass, but also make things easier underfoot for guests, and prevent table and chair legs from sinking into the ground – especially if it’s uneven.

There are numerous options available depending on the type of surface you have. From interlocking hardwood flooring, to rubber mats, Astroturf, or simple woodchips for high traffic areas.

One thing to remember though for multi-day events, is that grass must have light to photosynthesise. So if it’s going to be covered for more for three days, the grass will inevitably start to yellow.

Use professionals

Always work with a supplier who treats the spaces they set up marquees in with the same respect they would show to their own garden or grounds. At MPR Hiring, we fully appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into maintaining outdoor spaces. Our experienced team use the utmost care to make sure your space is left the way we found it.

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