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4 Reasons Why You Always Need A Marquee Tent

Right, you’re planning a large event, but it hasn’t occurred to you to rent a marquee. After all, you have enough space, right? Well, we’re here to tell you there’s never enough room!

If you need more reasons why you would possibly require a marquee tent – here are our top 4:

Marquee Tents Are Climate Change Ready
Yes, we’ve gone there, and yes, climate change can quickly ruin your event. Especially, considering how weather conditions are yo-yo-ing around nowadays!

One moment you’re planning for a sunny summer’s day, the next you’re scrambling for cover as Mother nature changes her plans!

So, don’t be caught off guard, and book that marquee tent because no one can predict the weather any more.

Marquee Tents Give You Options
We feel like we can state the following with a massive sense of confidence, “No one has ever turned down additional event options.”

In our nearly 50 years of experience, not one client has been against the idea of having options. Erecting a marquee tent for an event means you have endless options for styling and decoration.

Also, and most importantly, an empty space is like a blank canvas! So, whatever your event, you can tailor it down to the tiniest details.

Marquee Tents Are Easy To Clean Up Afterwards
If you were about to say that with more space comes the responsibility to clean up more, that’s true, but it’s worth mentioning that cleaning up a tent is easier!

Firstly, you don’t need to scrub the floors, and secondly, we clean the tents, so no need to wipe down the walls (you’d be surprised what people get up to at an event).

It’s also worth noting, we’re still the only marquee company in South Africa with a tent washer.

Marquee Tents Won’t Break The Bank
Renting a marquee tent isn’t expensive when you consider what you’re getting in return – read the points above. Renting a fixed structure of the same size can easily run into the tens of thousands of rands to utilise.

After all, in these economic times, we know your budget is the most important!

But, honestly, when you rent a marquee tent your imagination is your only limit