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A recipe for creating memorable events

The events industry is exciting. South Africa is full of entrepreneurs hustling to find and host the next big thing. However, in the age of the Fyre Festival, there’s a real art to making an event memorable for the right reasons. And it’s all in the thoughtful details (and actually pulling them off).

Here’s the MPR guide to making events unforgettable:

  1. Décor and theme

You want to go for wow-factor from the moment guests set foot into your venue. And this can be achieved in a number of ways. But most importantly, it starts with choosing a theme and décor that come together beautifully.

This doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, it just means being clear in a specific vision and sticking to it. Choose the key elements to focus on, and go all out – be it on lighting, props or floral design – go for maximum impact. If you’re going with a theme, follow it through with a dress code for your guests so they feel part of the event and add to the overall sense of occasion.


What you want guests to leave saying: “That was magical, like something out of a movie.”


  1. Food

Do you know the quickest way to a person’s heart (and memory)? It’s through the stomach – via the taste buds. An event isn’t complete without delicious food and there is literally an entire world of options available to you as a host or event planner.


The most important thing is flavour and quality. Even the fanciest presentation can’t hide bland food. Always do tastings before booking a caterer. Giving an interesting twist to traditional flavours will also help make your event stand out.


Another often overlooked element that can make a major difference is paying attention to the way the food and different courses are served. Not planning for enough heated servers for hot dishes or not keeping desserts cool enough can ruin an otherwise perfect menu. From buffets to canapes and harvest tables – MPR offers a full range of catering equipment to help bring it all together.

What you want guests to leave saying: “Did you taste that dish? I couldn’t get enough!”


  1. The right seating

Remember that event you attended where you couldn’t hear or see the people on the other side of the table because of the huge centerpiece? Or when the place settings were so tightly packed you couldn’t lift your knife and fork? Or worse – when you were seated right next to the bathrooms…


Something as seemingly straightforward as seating can have guests remembering your event for all the wrong reasons. Seating is key to the way people enjoy the event, so you want to make sure your table and seating arrangement encourages socialising and mingling.

For seated events using rectangular or round tables, consider the following:

  1. Put guests together who are well acquainted.
  2. If it’s a personal event, seating family together can go either way. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest dynamics to avoid any awkwardness.
  3. Place guests together who have something in common, like similar work industries, for easy conversation.

The modern trend of a U-shaped table layout is ideal for encouraging more laid-back conversation. Really embrace the idea of a Mediterranean feast by serving sharing platters. Like a big family, guests can share and pass along the food, creating a social and intimate atmosphere. At MPR, we have everything you need to achieve the ideal seating and table layout, browse some of our available options here.

What you want guests to leave saying: “The people at our table were so interesting.”


  1. Entertainment

Whether it’s a milestone birthday party or a product launch, every function needs entertainment to make it one for the books. Depending on your theme or the overall experience you want to create, choose your entertainment carefully and make sure it’s unique and matches the tone of your event.

It can be interactive and require your guests to get involved, or it can just be a unique twist on more traditional entertainment classics like live music or a comedian. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something your guests aren’t likely to have experienced before.

What you want guests to leave saying: “I didn’t want it to end!”


Planning your next big event. The event planning team at MPR love helping with every detail when it comes to making a memorable experience for your guests. We offer a wide range of event equipment hire solutions to make sure everything is perfect from start to finish. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and receive a custom quotation.