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Christmas Event Decoration Ideas

We show you how to decorate 3 different Christmas events to create a jovial celebration.

Christmas is the most celebrated and most jovial time of the year. It is the time of the year where everyone comes to spend time together and to create magical memories that will last for lifetimes. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December, however the weeks leading up to this date are filled with numerous events, parties and celebrations. Christmas in the Southern hemisphere is celebrated during our summer season in the summer holidays.

Christmas is traditionally associated with colours of red and green. These colours are thought to originate from the colours of the holly tree (red representing the berries and green symbolising the leaves) that grow prolifically in the Northern Hemisphere. These colours are the most recognisable when decorating for Christmas. Decorate your table with green linen and bright red flowers (Roses, Gladioluses, Gerberas and Proteas) or red fruit such as apples, strawberries and watermelon. Create a table centrepiece with fresh greenery and red Christmas decorations down the centre of the table scattered with candles to add some light and magic to the decor.

If the combination of red and green is not your choice you may wish to isolate one of the colours and decorate the table in that specific colour. Why not try different shades of green with touches of white. You could also use white linen and add sprigs of fresh and natural foliage for pops of green or vice versa with green linen and white roses, Lilly’s or baby’s breath for touches of white. You could also decorate your table with red using red linen or items such as red beads, red feathers or red Christmas tree decorations e.g. Christmas Baubles or tinsel. Add some white accents to your red table like paper place-names and candles to break up the colour scheme and add some depth to the decor.

If the traditional red and green decor is not what you are after why not decorate the table in pure white. White is associated with Christmas through the snow that falls during the festive season in the Northern Hemisphere. White is a very pure colour that creates a very elegant atmosphere. Add some spray painted white wooden elements and candles to create a timeless and elegant decor theme. To add some Christmas cheer to the table thread some soft fairy lights through the decor to make the table shine and glisten. Adding items such as crystal glasses and antique silverware to your table decor your event will help your table become a classic and stylish table fit for royalty.

Finally add some bling and sparkle to your table. Whatever colour scheme you have chosen for your table we recommend adding  some glitz and glam to your table to make it sparkle and shine like the lights and decorations on your Christmas tree. Add metallic elements in the forms of gold, copper or silver decor items such as metallic baubles, glitter candles and foiled stationery. These metallic items will help scatter light and create a sparkling and luxurious table for you and your guests to enjoy. You can also try adding diamante touches to your linen and decorative elements with stick on diamantes or strings of fake diamonds easily available from haberdashery shops or arts and crafts outlets. These diamond inspired additions also help provide an added dimension to your decor and metallic sparkling elements are a very popular decor trend for an evening functions such as Christmas eve dinner.

Finally you can pick any colour scheme and decorate your table accordingly. If you are celebrating Christmas at the beach why not try a blue and white nautical theme with blue crackers, spray painted shells and sparkly tea light holders. Crystal tea light holders scatter the candle light beautifully and gently. If you are scared your candles may create a fire hazard during your meal try battery operated fairy lights which will safely add some sparkle to your event without burning the house down. There is nothing stopping you from choosing any colour to decorate your table from ethereal white to punchy pink to vibrant purple, have fun decorating your table with crackers, sweets and presents. There is never a right or wrong way to decorate a festive table.

All these decor ideas can be used for a Christmas Eve, Christmas Lunch or Christmas Dinner occasion, remember to have fun making your table festive for your guests. We at MPR hiring wish you and your family a very happy and memorable festive season with your loved ones. Enjoy this special time together laughing loudly together, spoiling each other and appreciating all the special people in your life.