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5 Expert Tips to Know When Hosting a Valentine’s Event

Here’s what the experts do to host the best Valentine’s Day event

Whether you’re a couple, waiting for Cupid’s arrow, or just want to enjoy your chocolates undisturbed, Valentine’s Day is hard to ignore. The most difficult part of this unofficial holiday is planning and hosting an event that goes off without a hitch – after all it is a day filled with emotion. As many an event planner will attest, organising a Valentine’s party is tricky. Here are 5 tips from the experts at MPR on hosting the best Valentine’s Day event.

Start with the basics

“No matter what event you’re organising, you need to have an idea of how many guests will be attending,” says Dawn deJongh, MPR Financial Director. While this might seem obvious, it is important to know when planning any event.

“In the past we’ve had events where we’ve erected our tent and by the middle of the party there wasn’t enough room inside for all the guests. People already have such high expectations of their Valentine’s Day events, so it’s a tough time to be explaining any lack of planning,” says de Jongh.

If you are planning a seated event, pairing individuals who will get along is important. Don’t seat “Flirty Ben” next to recently divorced Beth, that’s bound to be disaster that can easily spoil the mood for the entire evening. Seat ‘like’ with ‘like’. After all, how much did you enjoy being seated with the teenagers at the last family wedding?

It’s all about the THEME!

The theme of an event is important. It is the single idea that will be carried through all the elements at the party. From food to the design of the invitation, it is important to choose wisely and sensitively. Whatever you choose remember to take into consideration the relationship status of the majority of people attending.

“There have been Valentine’s events that I’ve attended where the theme caused the party to flop, after all a traffic light party (a party where relationship status is signified by the colour you’ve selected to wear, green is single, orange is complicated, and red is taken) where everyone wore red isn’t the point. It was an occasion, in my opinion, where the cliched candles and romance would have great,” says de Jongh.

Food for thought

Once you’ve finalised the guest list and selected the theme, you can focus on the menu. After all, romance and food go hand-in-hand! The list of cuisine associated with love is endless, but also expensive.
Oysters and champagne can easy throw the budget out of the window.

“There have been occasions where our client spent too much on the food, which meant the dance floor and decor had to be cut back. Which was sad, as nothing is more romantic than dancing in the arms of the person you love in a beautiful setting,” says de Jongh.

Organise an experience

Events are all about the experience/s. After all, as the expression goes; music feeds the soul. Your playlist selection, especially on Valentine’s Day, is important to set the mood. Steer clear of heartbreak tracks, even if requested, after all, negative emotions like sadness and melancholy never lead to good celebrations. Also, mix up the pace of the tracks you play, and at the end of the night crank up the beat to the maximum.

It is also important to organise something extra, for example, a game or prize giving. These little extras can often elevate an event from the average night out to something that’s worth uploading and sharing on social media. Whatever you choose to do make sure that it’s inclusive and an activity that everyone can take part in.
Another extra that is incredibly popular is photo booths with props. We’ve all been there, done it, and posted it. Remember to set up a small corner with a fun background for guests to enjoy and share their special moments with everyone they love.

Have fun, and plan alternative methods home

As emotions run high, so does the silly gene. While it’s ok to allow your guests to have fun they can be irresponsible. So it is up to you to ensure that there is an alternative way home. Booking a taxi is simple. Whether you phone a company, or use an App, one car should automatically be on standby at the door. If you’re hosting the event on the behalf of your company, you can charge it to the account.

Nothing ruins an event like a tragic memory afterwards.